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Jurattic Park stickers. Rat Dinosaur hybrid creatures parody of Jurassic Park

Jurattic Park Sticker 3-Pack Bundle


"Welcome... To Jurattic Park!"


“What do they got in there, King Ratkong?”

“Hold on to your ratbutts”

“We clocked the T-Rat at 30 ratmiles per rathour”

Aaaand so on and so forth.


All 3 stickers in a bundle for a discount. Clever Rat!


    Die-Cut Vinyl Sticker. Not much else to say really. Stick 'em on things!


    Jurattic Park Logo is about 75mm x 75mm

    Tyrannorattus Rex is about 80mm x 40mm

    Tricerattustops is about 75mm x 45mm


    Great as an add-on to a print order! Or, grab a couple these with a couple badges and save big on shipping.


    Satisfaction guaranteed!


    Stickers are not refundable if they have been used (obviously) but you can return them if you send them back in the exact same condition they arrived in. You must package them yourself and pay for them to be shipped back however.


    If the item is damaged or lost by the delivery company, then we will sort it out together, but please bare in mind once it's shipped it's completely out of my hands. 


    I am just a one person business and package everything myself. I do my best to send these out within 1 day (24 hours) of receiving the order (excluding Sundays) but please allow up to 5 business days for dispatch just in case things come up that are out of my control.

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